when I was working as a video editor I made a decent amount of money and using that I also made my video content about video editing.

And upload on Instagram. I make some audience and they ask me about my video editing tools.

Now here I saw an opportunity, I applied some affiliate products and suggested them to use. using this technique I got affiliate sales and it became my side hustle.

Now I quit the Instagram page because it is addicting to me.

But Here is a lesson I learned if you try to help people you can make money.

WIN — WIN Situation.

most people fail in business because they do not decide their priorities.

Their priority is money but don’t fall into this trap, your priority needs to be helping more people.

If you help people in the right way then you can get money from them, you need to provide value.

Like in this medium account, I shared about site hustles and affiliate marketing in detail tutorials.

let’s talk about 5 side hustles.

1. Writing

writing is the best side hustle you can do because it does not need so much effort and big machines, you can just start by laptop, mobile, and tablet.

To start you can write on Instagram, Twitter, Medium, and Linkedin. start with one platform and then expand.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

To start you need to select a niche,

  • if you work in IT, Marketing, Finance, etc then work on your field niche
  • If you don’t like then choose a profitable niche
  • you can also go with your hobbies

lot of people want to learn and read about your niche you just need to put information about your field.

this will make you a good amount of money.

writing is an underrated side hustle because people want to read really good content but on the internet, you cannot find good content easily.

You can provide valuable content.

Money-making methods –

  1. Medium Partner Program
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Digital Product
  4. Ebook
  5. BuyMeCoffee

These are methods to make money using writing.

I am a full-time marketer and writer, I write daily, and I enjoy my work.

I am making a really good amount by writing online.

2. Notion Templates

Notion is a powerful note-taking app.

I use Notion for tracking my income, time, information, and all other things.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

I’ve built my second brain template that can help me in every aspect, like brainstorming, summarizing books, managing important tasks, and tracking my personal and professional growth.

I’ve also purchased some templates that I use daily. It was worth buying them.

You can also create Notion templates and sell them to your customers. Here’s how to do it step by step:

  1. Create accounts on social media using your name or any other.
  2. Post content related to productivity and finance.
  3. Once you’ve grown an audience, offer them some free templates.
  4. Collect emails from the audience.

Now you have a list of people interested in your product, and you can create and sell your product to them.

To create a product, you need to know how Notion works. If you use Notion daily, you can get an idea of how it works.

Alternatively, you can check your competitors’ products and create an advanced version of your competitors’ products.

Keep it simple and act fast! You can gain a loyal audience and buyers.

Important Note: When you’re trying to offer something to someone, make sure it’s a more valuable product or service.

If you create value, you can earn money from customers. Remember to always deliver more than expected.

This is the secret to winning in business.

I am not going deep into this business model because I wrote one article about this side hustle you can check out my profile.

3. Short Form Video Editing

My first online job is video editing but it is for long-form videos.

I make a good amount of money using video editing skills and most of the customers don’t want fancy editing they just want some cuts, texts, B-rolls, and simple editing.

For short-form content, you only need to edit 30-second reels and you get paid up to $20–50$ per reel.

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

you can edit multiple reels daily. you can easily make $100 daily.

short-form video editing has one advantage that you can edit from mobile.

There are multiple apps you can use to edit videos like VN, Alight Motion, Kinemaster, and Invideo.

You can find customers on Instagram and Youtube. I saw lots of people also get clients from X(Twitter).

Follow these simple steps –

  • Create an Instagram Profile
  • Upload some sample work
  • Make an Offer
  • Cold approach to clients

Making an offer is important if you make the best offer then you can get a client for the long term.

You can offer them 20 Reels monthly for just $400. if you get 5 clients then it will be $2000 per month.

Easy money just find clients that can pay you.

4. Online Teaching

Online teaching is also the best thing you can do. I love to teach so I always make videos and write articles that I learn or observe.

For coaching, you need to best at something and if you are not then start building a skill.

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

For example, if you learn video editing and then get some clients after some experience you can create a course or document your journey.

using that you can sell online courses or coach them one to one.

People always find coaches who can help them.

You can be a coach in your industry.

Now most people think that they need to be an expert but believe me, if you are intermediate and you are making some money using that skill then you can teach people.

You can teach basic skills.

for example, if I am working as a video editor and making money from it then I have lots of knowledge about video editing.

I simply teach people who don’t know about editing but they want to start learning, I teach them software that I use and charge a small amount from students.

there are multiple tools you can use to teach people.

follow these simple steps to create a system.

  • Create a social media profile
  • upload content related to your niche
  • Create an account on Calendly to schedule calls
  • Mention the link in your bio
  • post about your coaching program
  • Tell them to book an appointment on Calendly.
  • convince them to buy your coaching program.
  • Use Google Meet for teaching.

you can make a significant amount using this technique. if you are working in a job then this is the best thing for making money.

people learn from the original person and you get more money by providing value.

5. Youtube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is a little bit tough because of so much work in starting, like finding content ideas, video editing, scripting, and more.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

But you don’t need to do the same as everyone did.

  • just make videos,
  • just record voice,
  • just make it simple and
  • publish it!

If you are going to make a perfect video from day 1 then you cannot go further because it takes time to improve.

When you start uploading consistently then try to improve one by one just don’t change your whole style in a single time.

If you teach people related online then just start screen recording and teach without writing a script.

Be authentic!

Most people like to see simple videos not with so much fancy editing. so make simple and clean videos.

You can make a good following and make some money.

thanks for reading….

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