I am not saying you can achieve this amount in 1 month or 2 months.

I can say that if you work regularly and after some experience then you can make money.

like when you work in your job and after 1 year you get promoted and also you gain so much experience this type of things.

But I think a job couldn’t give you that much percentage of growth but the online field does.

that’s why most people rich from online business and if you are interested in this then this article is for you.

we are going to see a detailed summary of 5 ways to make money. I hope this will help you.

1. Online writing

Now why I put this in first place because I am a digital writer and I make a really good amount from this.

This year I am thinking about making $10k per month and planning to do it.

I am confident because I know how much effort I put into content and How much value I give to people.

writing online is not an easy task for a total beginner but you can start because no one judges because of your writing if someone judges you, take it as advice, if someone says your grammar is worse then you get the idea that you need to learn grammar or you need to use Grammarly.

I am bad at writing so I use Grammarly.

Now come to the point, if you want to start writing where you can start? I suggest you start with

  • medium.com
  • then Expand on Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • blog
  • newsletter
  • Quora
  • and then Go for paid work

when you start writing on medium then you slowly understand what people want to read in your niche.

selecting a niche is also important so select a niche related to your work or search a profitable niche that can generate more money for you.

like spirituality, productivity, money, marketing, tech, AI, business, etc

These niches are the best and highly profitable.

making money from writing is easy. following are some ways to monetize your writing.

  • Medium parneter program
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Freelancing
  • Digital products
  • Books Royalty
  • and more

For some reason partner program is not available for every country so you can use affiliate marketing.

I use affiliate marketing and It is working for me. I don’t have digital products but I do some freelancing.

Creating products is not so much harder you can create products like



Email Copies


Social Media Posts

Medium Secrete

you can find a competitor and look at what they are selling and you can copy their idea and make your product.

Most of the businesses are copies from another business.

If you don’t want to spend time making digital products then you can buy PLR products and sell them. PLR products you can resell with your copyright.

The owner gives you the copyright and then you can edit and sell.

Check this Mega Product Bundle + Digital Product Selling Course

Disclaimer: This is my affiliate link

These types of products can be purchased and sold to customers.

make sure the product gives so much value.

I think you understand so much let’s dive into the second thing.

2. Affiliate Marketing

I love affiliate marketing because this is one of the best and authentic ways to make so much money and there is no limit to how much you can make money.

I am making my living from affiliate marketing and I saw people who are making millions from affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Simple one-line answer — Promote another person’s product, generate sales, and earn a commission on each sale.

for affiliate marketing, you can find multiple ways, and you can start with any of them.

Now to start affiliate marketing you need some strategies In this article, we discuss the best strategy in the market.

To understand strategy let’s start from scratch.

These steps you need to take to start affiliate marketing.

  • Niche
  • Product
  • Funnel
  • Email List
  • Promote
  • Commissions

this is a standard process most people do not build email lists or create a funnel.

If you create a list then you can sell your lead multiple products multiple times. this is the power of an email list.

I am working on a Free Affiliate marketing Course. it will teach you affiliate marketing from scratch.

if you already know this process then you can directly jump to strategy.

When you have a funnel the next thing is traffic, In this strategy, we drive traffic from Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube because these are video-based platforms.

Now you don’t need to create videos from scratch because there are some video-creating tools available in the market like Pictory.ai and Fliki

this AI tool helps you make content without manual work because this AI does most of the work.

For the tutorial, you can watch the following video –

How to make youtube channel using AI

In this video full process is explained — Login to pictory.ai and use “Rohit84” to get 20% Off

using this AI tool you can create videos and generate traffic from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

You can mention your affiliate link or funnel link in the description or bio. You can get results in 6–7 days because videos are going to get views instantly.

If any video one video goes viral then you can get lots of clicks on your affiliate link so there is always a winning chance.

Full Step-By-Step Free Course I Am Launching You Need to Follow Me For Getting Updates.

3. Digital Products

As I mentioned digital product is also the best way to make money online.

But in this article, I gave you two strategies for making money from digital products.

  1. By Making products and
  2. PLR Reselling

these two techniques are best in digital products.

first, by making digital products now you can create multiple products and sell and most of the time goes into making products so you can simply use Etsy.

Because making digital products takes time and because of this you cannot be focused on marketing so using Etsy can be beneficiary.

If you are making a product then try to talk about a product on the social media platform.

If you have money to invest then try Facebook ads and Etsy ads or Hire a marketer to run ads.

If you are selling PLR products then You can learn Facebook ads, google ads, Etsy ads, and more

Also, you can leverage social media and make your brand so you can market your product and sell it.

you can do both like you can create a product and market it but for that, you need some followers first.

So, build followers on one of the social media if you want to write then start on medium, if you want to make a video then start with videos.

creating so many products and selling on Etsy is the best way because I saw so many stores making millions from their store.

You can do it too!

Research what type of product they build and they start finding freelancers that can make similar products for you and then you can sell it on Etsy.

But this will take some investment, if you are ready to invest money then think about this business model.

Having an online store is a really big thing.

4. Become Freelancer

Becoming a Freelancer is tough because competition is high but there is work available for everyone you just need to find out.

Freelancers work so hard and they get some money in their pockets. but it’s just starting if you leverage freelancing in a good manner then you can get high-paying clients and you can make a high amount.

To become a freelancer you need to learn a skill because without skill you cannot get any work.

If you try to find work without skills then you can get stuck into a trap.

You just waste your time to fill the survey and pasting links here and there and this will not only give you money but also time waste.

So, Leverage your time and learn some skills that can land you a client, after some clients you can learn how to make money from a client.

Like when I work as a WordPress Website Designer I ask clients about hosting and domain if they don’t have I give them my Bluehost link and make $65 bucks extra from the Bluehost affiliate program.

these are simple techniques to get more money from sources.

So, Build some skills, go to YouTube or Udemy, purchase courses, practice some days you get skilled, and then Try to do projects.

Show your projects on LinkedIn and Facebook groups, make a gig on Fiverr, and then start the freelancing journey.

5. Courses

Selling courses is one of the best ways to make thousands of dollars because you can give so much value to a course.

You can make courses without an audience, most people think that if we make a course but how to sell it, they don’t have an audience and that’s why they fail.

They think that they need 1 million followers on social media and then they make courses.

But it is not true, you create a course without any audience backup you just need some strategy for promoting, there are multiple strategies for promoting your course.

let’s deep dive into the topic –

First, you need funnel software and you can use systeme.io because it is free and you can upgrade if you need it.

you can watch some tutorial from here


In funnel, you grab emails or phone numbers and redirect them to a free course and in that course, you gave so much value but not all.

In that course, you mention your paid course and pitch them for the course. now after that people know you and then you can start selling your course for free because you have email and phone numbers.

setup this funnel and then start promoting.

Now you don’t have an audience but you need to make your presence on every social media because some people search for your name or something then you need to appear. you also get some traffic by uploading content.

For free you can use

  • Facebook groups
  • Quora
  • QnA Platform
  • Instagram Reels
  • Pinterest posts

Just go with this formula — Valuable content → Your Free Course This can help you get free leads and it will generate authority.

Now using this technique you can generate a really good amount, if your course value is $100 then people can buy easily if they find your free course valuable.

After the $100 course you charge them consulting fees if they want and it can be hourly charges.

The most important thing is the value you provide

Starting is easy you need to put your step into it. this can be the best thing and it will generate so much money in the long term and also if you are doing a job then it will be your part-time work.

I saw some people are making millions from courses. work hard you can also get some money that makes your living.

I put so much effort into this article if you get value from this article you can share and follow for more such valuable content

disclaimer: I use affiliate Links in the article If you purchase something I get a commission.

Thanks for Reading…..

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