In this article, I am going to share one strategy that people use to get passive affiliate sales.

they just work once and get affiliate sales sometimes they get millions of views and make thousands of dollars in sales.

If you don’t know about affiliate marketing then there is a simple definition for you —

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where affiliates earn a commission for promoting a company’s products or services and driving sales or leads through their referrals.

So, if you want to start an affiliate marketing business then this article is for you.

Affiliate marketing is really easy to start but hard to stay longer in this field because of volatility.

It is like business sometimes you get thousands of dollars and sometimes you lose.

But if you play organic then no loss.

For beginners, I suggest not getting into promoting products because it is too risky.

I lost $800 in the beginning and after that I started organic now I am profitable in organic or paid.

To get organic you need to struggle to create content and without content, you cannot make money in this field.

You need to put in some effort.

So, let’s discuss about strategy.

How To Promote Affiliate Links

In this strategy, you can create videos about quizzes and post them on the Internet.

Like if you are trying to sell the Grammarly tool then you can make quizzes around grammar words.

this can generate new followers for you and by using this you can make money.

simply open ChatGPT and generate quizzes on English grammar. it will give you results.

Most of the time try to use AI tools to create content, this will help you a lot and make work easier.

Most of the time I use Chatgpt to get some ideas and information not all but a little bit, I use so many tools for collecting information and learning it.

You get multiple quizzes here.

The next step is –

Now structure those quizzes and notes into notepad after that go to the Canva tool.

Now in Canva, you can find different types of templates you can to create quizzes.

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Just search for quizzes you can get multiple templates or you create your own and edit it.

After making a video about quizzes the next step is upload.

So, when you are making content then try to expand it on every platform.

For example — Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, and Other Video Platforms.

This is called diversify and it helps you gain followers on every platform with similar content.

this can generate more sales for you.

How To Create A Link Page

So, for promoting affiliate links you need a landing page or links page.

If you are going to collect emails then you can use Beacons this platform gives you free features and it also helps you in email marketing.

Create a Free Account on Beacons

It has several features like –

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You can use it for many different things and it is really helpful for affiliate marketers.

Link in bio is really important for affiliate marketing because most of the platforms do not support direct affiliate links to their page.

We can also use it for uploading different affiliate products.

How to Find Products for Affiliate Marketing

For affiliate marketing, I strongly suggest searching on Google “best affiliate programs for ‘niche’”

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You can get lists of products that you can apply and promote.

There is also an alternative, you can join affiliate marketplaces like ClickBank, CJ, Digistore24, Impact, and Warrior Plus.

You can get so many products that are listed here.

So, simply if you connect this dot then you can make an affiliate system.

You can enroll in Affiliate programs and using Beacon you can create a “link in bio” page and promote it on Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and TikTok.

Link in bio ss by author

This is my page Rohit Shinde

You can also collect emails and retarget using email marketing.

If you take action in one of those strategies that I introduce to you then I guarantee you can make a good amount of money.

This will take some hard work and you can start generating income.

Use new technologies like AI and make content using that. Increase productivity.

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