Get Rich Using Medium (Without Partner Program)

Yes, If we use the correct Medium, there are multiple ways to monetize your work.

If you think that is impossible, it is possible to make money and not only just a side hustle, but also it can make you financially free.

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If you are a writer on Medium and you write for fun and not writing seriously as a business, then you are missing something because Medium has a lot of potential.

Medium has 140 million Readers every month, and there is no need to work harder to get views on your article because if you are writing, then you can get some views regularly. If you are really consistent and provide great value, then the possibility is high to get views on every article you write.

Writers have the potential to make millions of dollars using multiple ways. Let’s discuss and directly look practical.

If you are writing regularly on Medium and you are building a system for your business, then It looks easy to make a good amount from Medium.

The first step is to grow your audience and start writing daily, provide value, and research headlines because headlines attract readers. The next part is the article on how much you provide value and engaging articles.

After you get so much audience, I suggest diversifying your audience on X or Linkedin. Work is simple. You need to post your articles in different formats.

Now, you have multiple options to explore, and I suggest experimenting one by one.

Write Books:-

Not a Joke. If you are writing good and engaging content, then you need to think about writing books because if you see millionaires who write books and make millions from books they publish, and using those books, they get popular and make more money than the books they sell.

A book is an asset that you create and earn a royalty for a lifetime, and that is the best part because when you invest your time to make an asset, that gives you money every time it sells without having any extra work.

So you can write multiple books and publish them on Amazon, and you also have an audience to promote; if you don’t want to publish on Amazon, then you can use Gumroad to sell your ebook because, for Amazon, you need to give more commission to Amazon and, Gumroad you don’t need to give bug amount and also save printing charges.

Create Digital Product:-

If you want to make real money, one thing to understand when you start selling something then you can make real money, so don’t hesitate to sell your product.

Why digital products? Because we are in the digital business, and now we have an audience base that you can promote your product.

It is like when you have one follower, you need to provide them more value and make more than $1 from that follower.

You can create products like courses, tools, community, Notion templates, and more and sell using a medium audience; remember, you need to provide real and more value in your product because people want valuable content; they can pay you any amount you want; they just want value.

Affiliate Marketing:-

Affiliate marketing is an underrated way to make a lot of money using your audience, and not only from direct linking. I always suggest you a proper way to monetize and utilize your audience.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money, and you don’t need to work more.

I made a system for making money from affiliate marketing. Most successful affiliate marketers use this system to make money passively, then work hard to make a system, and then once the system is ready, they make money from that for a long time.

I always suggest the system, but very few people work on this system, and I am not suggesting investing your money; I suggest free methods and tools for creating a system.

I am building a system for affiliate marketing, and if you want the system, then you can follow me; when it is ready, I will give some of you free of cost. If you want to follow me, stay tuned. ( X and Linkedin)

Start an Agency:-

An Agency is also the proper way to make millions every year because starting an agency is easy, but getting clients for your agency takes work. When you have a social media following, then you can easily attract clients.

Starting an agency look difficult, but for starting, you can work as an agency, and then after getting more client, you can hire people to do this stuff.

You can give your client work to other freelancers. It is called a drop-servicing business. Drop-servicing is really easy; you need to get clients at a higher price, find freelancers at a lower price, and get a commission.

This business model is really best; you have to skill of outreach, selling, and communication.

There are multiple ways you can explore to make money from Medium, and if you are really serious about Medium, then start writing content and work on one of these things.

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Thanks for reading…..

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