In this story can be more valuable or interesting, We are talking about strategies for growing and making business on Instagram.

Now this guide is for all types of people who want to start making money or a new side hustle, so in this article, I am going to talk about Instagram theme pages and their ways to make money from it.

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So first understand 3 Concepts of making money online.

1. Create

This concept says to create more and consume less because most people are confused and do not have a proper goal because of this social media makes you addicted and you start consuming and becoming their product.

So, first stop endless scrolling, watching, and reading other’s work. just start your work and show your work. if you like writing then start writing, if you love videos then start making, and if you love visuals then start creating posts.

I am not saying that stop everything and work hard.

I just want to say that if someone gives you more value then read their article or watch videos but just don’t consume more, invest your time to create.

So, If you don’t understand what to create then I would suggest you start with one Instagram page and grow it.

2. Content

Now for creating content, you need to first choose your niche. I am giving you a niche that can make you $1000 per day. this niche is about masculinity, philosophy, and money-related niches.

Because this type of niche can make you rich, the first step is to start creating the page and I would suggest creating a page on Instagram, Twitter (X), YouTube, and other social media.

First, find competitors in this niche and study their accounts and how they post and write bios.

These are some examples —

Screenshot from author
Screenshot by author

they just write content related to masculinity and growing men and you need to analyze what they write in their content and make similar content like them you can change spin content by using Quillbot this bot is free you can use it for writing content and more stuff using AI.

After that, You can create content and first upload it on Twitter, and then you can create a post that looks like a Twitter post and then upload it on Instagram.

I suggest you upload daily 3 posts on Instagram and If possible start creating reels just monitor how other people do and copy them.

For someday don’t think about money because first, you need to build an audience.

There are some techniques you can use to build an audience.

  1. follow big accounts
  2. follow for follow but only active users (you can find on competitor’s pages just recent post likes)
  3. write a valuable comment on competitor’s pages most people find you from comments.
  4. engage with the audience through stories and DMS.

using this strategy start growing and make a good amount of followers and a loyal audience on Instagram or Twitter.

when you get a good amount of followers the next step is to make money. how you can make money from your page and here is the most important step.

3. Money

Now, you have a good amount of audience and what you need is monetization and money.

So, from Instagram, you can make money from various sources but In this niche, I am going to give you the best way to make money.

Now people know you because of your mindset and thinking that you write and this means you create your brand without showing your face and making videos.

Your audience wants to buy valuable products from you or they want to make some money and live a good life.

So, now you need to get idea about what is best for your audience and start reading and studying about it. what exactly people want is money they want money and systems and this system you can give.

You can study and write some books around your niche because in this niche audience wants to read and learn more. you can create courses and any valuable product you can give to your audience.

In this case, Some of you don’t want to write a book or create a course but you can also create something else like a newsletter and it can be free and paid.

Starting a Newsletter or an email list is a must because this helps you connect directly if your account is deleted.

You need to get an email from your audience to receive emails you need to give them something free then you can get email and then you can send emails to them and make money out of it.

Most people don’t know about email marketing so I am creating an ebook and it will be free if you want you can follow me and subscribe to my email list.

If you want to start affiliate marketing you can download my 50+ tools and subscribe to my email newsletter. Click here to download.

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