Everyone is trying to make money from the Internet, and I am telling you the best way. With this method, you don’t need to show your face or work so hard.

You can give them 1hr every day, and you can see the result on your desk.

Yes, I have tried this method, and it works in every niche and every time.

Pinterest is a platform that allows people to send traffic to your website or any of your links, and this is the best part for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

Bloggers and affiliate marketers can target an audience on a blog or funnel, and yes, most bloggers use Pinterest for traffic.

Read some facts about Pinterest. Pinterest’s share of the audience is from the UK and the US, and 70% of the women are there.

This can be perfect for those who want to sell beauty products, clothes, health products, and more.

Pinterest methods for affiliate marketing

Pinterest is all about photos and videos. You can share photos and videos as pins. On Pinterest, there is no copyright issue; you can use other people’s content to get views (not excessive).

There is a simple formula for making money from Pinterest using affiliate marketing.

Choose a niche —

I would recommend niches around women, like fashion, skincare, hair care, recipes, parenting, fat loss, diet, and making money. These are some niches I recommend. If you see any other niche that has more potential, then you can share them in the comments.

Another way is to go with the trend, and this is like a goldmine for some period of time because some niches activate when they have a season like Christmas and New Year. On that occasion, people are finding products for specific niches.

Like most people make resolutions for dieting or exercise, this type of niche is working and going viral.

You can use the Pinterest search tool to get the perfect trend. Following simple steps to identify viral trends.

First, create a Pinterest account, then convert it into a business account.

If you go into the analytics, you can see Pinterest trends in additional insight.

After going to Pinterest trends, you can find multiple options like searching, keywords, top trends in us, and more insights. Using these insights, you can choose keywords for your boards.

You can see growing trends weekly, monthly, and yearly. In the left corner, there are some filters, such as trend type, interest, end date, keywords, age, and more.

We can use trend types. You can choose three options from top monthly trends: yearly trends, seasonal trends, and growing trends.

I choose seasonal trends and use last year’s end date for the new year, 31 Dec.

Some keywords can trend in the last new year, and you can choose your niche using that.

Research and play more with this tool, and you can also use Google Trends to research what people are searching.

This can help you get more sales in affiliate marketing because trends can help you boost your pins and posts for more hot audiences that can click on your product.

Researching is part of my job because I get most of the affiliate sales on occasions and New Year because people are desperate to start new things and want to change lives.

You can give them

  • Offer
  • Product
  • Service
  • Subscription

Capture every trend and make a good amount of money.

Create Content

Most people are confused here and think and quit because they don’t know how to create content.

In this case, creating content is easy because of online tools. For creating content, you can use Canva because it is free and easy to use.

In Canva, you can find more options to create a Pinterest post; if you type “your niche” on Pinterest, then you can see multiple posts. And this is how you need to create. You can simply copy content and create yours.

Make sure your content is more powerful than your competitor’s and copy like an artist. I mean, copy other’s content, but understand it doesn’t look similar. (it’s a secret don’t tell anyone)

Copy your version from multiple people, make it your performance, and publish it like new.

Fact: Most self-help books are copied from religious books and other self-help books.

This is not illegal; this is called “steal like an artist.” You can read this book for more information.

Create bulk content for every day and post 5–10 pieces of content every day. This can help you reach more.

For more Pinterest tips, you can watch any video on YouTube. They can tell you how you can optimize your profile, bio, and boards.

Find Products and Sell

The next step is to find affiliate products in your niche, and you can find them on Google, digistore24, Clickbank, jvzoo, Warrior Plus, and more.

If you are confused, just search on Google “affiliate marketing programs for ‘niche.’”

You can get multiple results, and you can easily find the best one for you. I recommend choosing a product that you trust or use because people trust you and buy through you, and you need to give them the best result.

When you find your affiliate program, the next step is to get affiliate links and share them on Pinterest.

Now, here are some tips I want to give you!

Tip — 1

When you start promoting your affiliate link, make sure you do not share more; for example, when you get an affiliate link, you can start promoting it everywhere. I suggest you don’t make that mistake.

This mistake can make your account spammy, and Pinterest can ban you immediately.

I suggest pasting links on posts, but not on every post.

Tip — 2

Play safe!

I mean, keep your audience stored in another form. You can redirect your customer to an email newsletter and get their emails to be on the safe side because, in some cases, your account will be banned, and you can recover. In this case, you lose your audience. That’s why you keep your audience in the form of email; then, you can recover your loss on another account.

For email marketing, you can use systeme.io, which is a free and easy tool for keeping your email list and making funnels.

Super affiliates give free material and then ask for email.

Ex — ebook, product list, notion template, checklist, and anything valuable to your customer.

For all structures, you can use multiple tools like WordPress, systeme io, click funnel, kajabi, and more, but I recommend Systeme.io because it is free.

click here to get a free plan of systeme.io

In systeme.io, first create a 3-step funnel.

  • Step 1: Opt-in page — On this page, you can ask for an email address.
  • Step 2: product page — On this page, you gave them a download link for the product
  • Step 3: thank you page — in this, you gave them a thank you message for downloading the file

It also can be a 2-page funnel where you can directly get emails, give download links, and thank them for downloading.

ss by author

Now, in the backend, you can store email addresses and use these addresses.

You can send multiple emails daily and sell them multiple products in that niche.

The big reason for building email lists is that I always tell you to build your email list because it will help you make more money from existing audiences.

Systeme.io gives you a free server for sending emails and using these servers; you can send and schedule emails.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money, but in the right direction, and I always try to share with you authentic ways to make money from affiliate marketing.

If you want to start affiliate marketing, then I made a list of 50+ Affiliate programs that pay you recurring commission; you can access it free; click here to download

( if you click on download, then you can see an example of my strategy to store emails, and I send you emails that help you in your affiliate marketing journey )

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