This article clears your thoughts and vision to start an online business.

Starting a business is very easy in this AI era. most people use ChatGPT to write emails and articles but how you can use it for business.

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In this article, I am going to show you some businesses and their strengths and weaknesses. using this data you can decide which business is best for you.

In business following things are important –

1. scalable business model
2. low starting capital
3. has to be decently technical
4. teaches you valuable skills
5. AI-enhanced

all these things are important to start a profitable online business.


If you have any skills then you can do freelancing like video editing, copywriting, website design, graphic design, and more online business. you can make thousands of dollars per month using your skills.

For freelancing you need good at your skill if you are not good and fast at your work then it is difficult to make money.

for freelancing there are some sort of difficulties if you measure on the following levels –

Scalability — Low

Alone you cannot make a way high amount you can make $4000-$5000 per month but you can stuck somewhere between.

Starting Capital — Low

You don’t need a large amount of money to start freelancing, you need a computer and a Wifi.

Time Require — High

You Need to spend so much time to make a good amount of money.

Risk — Very Low

The risk is very low you don’t need to spend any money on freelancing it is best for people who don’t want to risk any money and want to make a good amount of money you can go with freelancing.

If you don’t have any skills then I suggest you start learning something and develop skills because without any skills you cannot make money.


I saw people who shift from freelance to agency and make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. how they did do this?

When you are a freelancer and you have a good amount of skills then you know how things are working like how to prospect?, and how to pitch. how to get sales? handling team and more skills you acquire. then it is best to start an agency.

The agency is like lots of work but this workload makes more money and gives you more reach, some people make it automated and work only one or two things.

In agency Scalability is — Medium

I am not saying high because if you have so many clients then you need more employees and finding employees is tough. another thing is you can’t manage money flow because sometimes customers switch to another agency or shut down the business, you have your expenses and this affects your business.

You can scale business but at some level. you can make unlimited money but it is so hard to get into this.

Capital — medium

You need money to hire people and run your agency. Beginners cannot do this.

Time Required — High

spending time with your employees and clients is needed.

Risk — Medium

When you start you need some people and then you get clients and start working if you are not serving well then you cannot lose more money.

Creator Business

becoming a creator is a great choice if you make it. some people doubt that making content is worth it because lots of competition is on every platform and can I stand out in this crowd.

I will say YES, You Can.

Creating content is a really good business idea and by using this you can make a good amount of money some creators make millions.

but there are so many problems people face when they want to start creating content first of all where to start? and how to start.

I suggest you just pick any platform and try making some content after that you slowly learn about the platform and crack the algorithm, and then you can think about the other platforms.

You can make content by saving free time and Saturday/Sunday. if you are good at writing then start from medium, if you good at videos then start with Youtube, and if you are good at graphics then start with Instagram.

If you don’t have any idea about videos, photos, and writing then learn and practice because it is not that tough and you can be perfect by practicing it regularly.

Creators make money from different sources like sponsorships, affiliates, digital products, and more.

I strongly suggest making content because it is the best way to make money.

Scalability — high

You can scale at multiple levels and make a good following on all over social media and from that you can generate more income.

Time — medium

You can hire your small team and automate the process. big creators hire people to do work and they produce more high-quality content.

Capital — None

You don’t need any capital for starting a YouTube channel or writing online you just need a laptop or computer and an Internet connection.

Risk — NO RISK

In this business, you don’t have any risk because you are not spending your money on anything you are just spending your time creating content.

Creators are new stars and you can become one of them, so take ACTION NOW.


I have been doing affiliate marketing business since this year and I make a good amount of money not like $100k — $200k but a decent amount.

I know some people who make millions of dollars from affiliate marketing and they are good at it and consistent.

Affiliate marketing is the way that you do not need high equipment and more people to work but you need patience for getting results and sometimes you need to change strategy and start again.

To start an affiliate marketing business you need multiple skills like content creation, basic copywriting, funnel building, email marketing, and sales. this is not necessary but if you have these skills then it is easy to grow.

Affiliate marketing is like owning multiple businesses and you need customers for it and now you need to drive customers and make a sale. because some company gives 20% plus recurring commission.

Recurring commissions make money for you until your sales are paid to the company.

I think affiliate marketing is easy in some cases but in some cases it will be the hard parts it depends on which type of product or service you promote.

Scalability — high

Yes, scalability is high because when you become an expert then it will be your cash machine and this will make money whenever you want.

Time — High

It takes so much time in the beginning and after that, you can automate the process.

Capital — NO

To start I would suggest not spending any money to promote affiliate products, there are multiple strategies I gave you and you can make money from that.

Risk — No

if you don’t spend money and work hard then you don’t have any risk in this business.

I write about affiliate marketing strategies and learn to make sales without spending on ads and websites.

Most affiliate marketers are not doing on the right way that’s why they fail, I think if you work hard then you can get success in any of these businesses and you can make a good amount of money.

These are some businesses I recommend to you because I work in these businesses and make money.

Hard work can give you results so just work hard and use your brain to automate most of the work. you can do creative work and other activities you can automate.

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