Why Starting Side Hustle Looks Difficult But It’s Not

Starting a side hustle alongside your job or other commitments can be a daunting task. Often, people get caught in a cycle of overthinking and eventually quit because they don’t see instant results. However, building a side hustle takes time and persistent effort.

Consistency is the key to success. Many individuals quit prematurely because they expect quick, instant results. If you’re a regular reader of mine, you’ll know that I always advocate for consistency because it pays off in the long run.

Consider this scenario: 100 people embark on the YouTube Cashcow side hustle journey. After producing just 5 videos, 50 people give up because they didn’t achieve immediate success. The other 50 continue, but some remain stagnant, not investing in learning how to grow. However, 10 people are committed to learning and improving various aspects of their YouTube channels, such as creating eye-catching thumbnails and mastering SEO. This dedication positions them for potential growth.

In time, those 10 people could earn millions from their YouTube channels, while the 40 who remain stagnant might make a few thousand dollars, and the remaining 50 who quit won’t earn a cent.

Mindset plays a pivotal role in success, as many people quit due to self-doubt. It’s easy to be misled by stories of individuals making quick money online, leading you to believe that instant success is achievable. However, the reality is often different.

I have a simple solution that I use daily, and while it may not be the world’s best advice, it has proven effective for me. First, I write down my goals and desires, such as having $1 million in my account or buying a house for my parents, using a tool like Notion.

Every morning, I review my goals and desires on Notion. Then, I schedule my day, allocating specific time blocks for different tasks. For instance, I might dedicate 3 hours to content creation, 2 hours to affiliate marketing, and 2 hours to writing. I define eight daily tasks and check them off at night, regardless of how many I complete. Some days, I complete only one task, while others see me finishing four or all eight. The key is that I work consistently on at least one thing daily, often doing more.

Creating a system and sticking to it is crucial. Most side hustles demand more time in the beginning, but once you start earning, you can work towards automation. For instance, you can automate your Cashcow YouTube channel using tools like pictory.ai, hire freelancers, or collaborate with agencies.

There are multiple Ideas I can share with you about side hustle, affiliate marketing, online business, and more just work hard and stay consistent.

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