First step to make money online (no one teach you)

So, in this video, it’s all about the first step, and in detail, because when I started making money, I realized that this is what I had to do in my last 2–3 years before.

First step to make money online (no one teach you)

In my Facebook group, one person asked me how to start making money online, and he said he’d read a lot and watched videos but was really confused about what to do.

So, making money or having a side hustle is not just a one-day task that involves doing a few tasks to make a specific amount of money.

Many people can give you strategies and methods for making a good amount of money, and yes, some people succeed with those methods. However, not everyone follows the exact same path, and some find a different way to achieve success.

Our goal is success, and if you want to be successful, there’s no roadmap or specific steps to follow. You need to explore your own ways. For example, I can tell you to go step by step, but if you take your first step and the second step doesn’t happen as expected, and you find another way, just go with it and find your own path.

I’ve always explored numerous ways to make money because I’ve tried many things. However, I don’t recommend starting too many things at once. Plan your side hustles and measure your growth. For instance, if you want to start blogging, set a deadline, like committing to blogging for six months and sticking with it.

If you want to start an online business, the first step is always to create valuable content for people. When you help people, they help you grow. That’s when your real entrepreneurial journey begins, as I define entrepreneurship as helping people and solving their problems.

If I had started creating content in my 19s, I would have become a millionaire in 2–3 years because that’s when I learned and grew. However, I was the kind of person who wanted to make money quickly through various methods.

Always remember that one of the biggest formulas for success online is creating valuable content and then monetizing it. Don’t focus solely on money at the beginning; instead, concentrate on providing value.

Thanks for reading. These are my thoughts on starting. If you’re new to my channel, you can read other articles and choose a side hustle for generating passive income.

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